Construction Works for  Extension Building in Progress


Tearing down of the old the buildings has been completed in December 2021. In January the construction works for the new building could be launched. Here some images of the progress.

Baufortschritt Mai 22 2


Baufortschritt Mai 22 1


Bauarbeiten April 2022

Start of Construction Works for  Extension Building at Dippoldiswalde


With tearing down of the old the buildings the construction works for the plant extension at Dowaldwerke Dippoldiswalde factory have started in November this year.


Abriss IGS Halle


The management of Dowaldwerke has decided to go for this extension as the business has significantly grown and incoming orders for the subsequent years substantiate the promising expectations for a sustainable increase turnover.

The extension building will have an area of 1600 square meters with facilities for the vacuum toilet assembly in the basement and office accommodations on the upper floor. During 2022 the construction works will be continued. They are scheduled to be completed end of 2022.

This plant extension will enable Dowaldwerke to satisfy the increasing marked demands und to secure delivery on schedule for the customers.

New Extension Building at Dippoldiswalde


During the last years Dowaldwerke has faced a significant growth of business and in this way as well a growth of utilization of the production area.

To have the continuing abilty for efficient production the managemnt of Dowaldwerke has decided to build a new production hall for the toilet assembly line. This new building with an area of 1,600 square meters will be erected next to the existing factory buildings.

The cssntruction contract has been awarded in May 2021. The construction work will begin End of the year with the demolition of an old building on the area. The new building will be erected during 2022.

Dowaldwerke Resumes Trade Fair Activities


During the Covid-disease all trade fair activities have been suspended. In 2022 Dowaldwerke will resume trade fair appearances and will take part at

  • Agritechnica, Hannover, 27th February – 5th March 2022
  • IVT Expo, Cologne, 29th and 30th March 2022
  • Innotrans, Berlin, 20th to 23rd September 2022
  • bauma Munich, 24t to 30th October 2022