Vacuum Toilets

With the appearance of the high-spead trains in the 80ties and 90ties the over-annuated train toilets with exvacation on the road bed through a hatch got step by step replaced by vacuum toilets with self-contained tank systems.

With our vacuum toilet systems we have been part of this development from the beginning. In the course of time we have achieved a very high market penetration. Our toilet systems are acknowledged over the world and are characterized by high reliability, robustness and low life cycle costs.

Apart from the toilet system itself our scope of delivery includes as well grey water systems, urinals and the control system.


Condition Based Maintenance

On Innotrans 2018 Dowaldwerke has introduced a vacuum toilet system for rail vehicles with condition based maintenance. While conventional systems have to undergo a service according to a fixed schedule as defined by the manufacturer, maintenance for the new system of Dowaldwerke is carried out according to the real condition of critical components.