Vacuum Toilets

Vacuum toilets by Dowald are vandalism-resistant, meet the challenging requirements of railway applications and operate economically by low consumption of water and air.

The system provides service operating modes as service flushing, backwards flushing and frost draining. During operation faults are handled by an automatic fault correction procedure. Thus service staff is only rarely necessary.

To further reduce consumption of fresh water Dowald offers a grey water recycling facility. This equipment uses the grey water from the wash bowl as flushing water for the toilet. The saving of fresh water is in the range of 35%. Aditionally this feature cuts costs by reduction of the required tank volume and vehicle weight.

Dowald offers as well urinals for rail vehicles which consume only 0.3 l of water per flush operation. The transport into the waste water tank works by gravity (in case of underfloor-tank) or by compressed air (in case of inside tank).


Condition Based Maintenance

On Innotrans 2018 Dowaldwerke has introduced a vacuum toilet system for rail vehicles with condition based maintenance. While conventional systems have to undergo a service according to a fixed schedule as defined by the manufacturer, maintenance for the new system of Dowaldwerke is carried out according to the real condition of critical components.